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Australian Alps Trek Support ( AATS)


Australian Alps Trek Support


Vehicle Transfers / Heli-Support / Food Drops / Caching / Resupply / MTB Support / Evacs / Rescue Services 

Larapint Trail topographic map contours

Australian Alps Trek Support offers a wide range of basic and specialised trek support services across the Australian Alps in Victoria, focusing on the Australian Alps Walking Track and many other multi-day treks across remote areas of the Victorian High Country.

Australian Alps Trek Support (AATS) is an extension of
Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS) in the NT

This website is still being developed and populated.
AATS services resuming 3 November 2024

Australian Alps Trek Support
Larapint Trail topographic map contours


Resupply Drops ( Food and Water)

Remote Area Transfers

Emergency Evacs

Emergency Resupplies

Emergency Caches

 Tracking & Check Ins

Trek Training



Water Drops will be at the same locations as food drop points, though requests have come through for water drop only. Water drops will be done in 20lt Jerry batches. Water drops will be cached out bush at designated points. You MUST know how to use a GPS.


As part of our service, we will place a number of seasonal emergency caches across the high country, that will have spare water, food, batteries,  PLB's, power packs, emergency shelters, sleeping gear etc if things get spicy and desperate.

Basic, advanced and specialised hiking courses will be conducted out of Mansfield or in the Lake Eildon area starting from November 2023. Courses will be weekend and 7 days courses covering the full spectrum of hiking and trekking skills. Courses specifically designed to prepare you for the AAWT will also be conducted. These courses will run year round.


Food drops will be offered at locations across the Vic Alps, namely at locations to support the Australian Alps Walking Track and the McMillan Walking Track. Full list below. Food drops will be cached out bush at designated points. You MUST know how to use a GPS.


Pri 3 and less for emergency evacuations from areas due to medical issues, extreme weather, fire and other emergencies will be offered. This will be offered via vehicle or helicopter evacs. These are considered as short notice callouts. If you have a life-threatening situation call 000.


We will offer to monitor all of our customers while they are out on the AAWT or MMWT and any other multi-day or extended walks. This also includes daily check-ins via SMS with customers and daily update /alert relays. Compulsory terms and conditions for booking with us are that at least one hiker will have a satellite messaging and tracking device during their trek. This is a safety element in case of injury, fires, storms etc


Transfers ( drop off's and pick-ups) across the Victorian High Country linking Mansfield, Walhalla, Omeo, Mitta Mitta, Mt Hotham and everything in between. See the detailed breakdown below.  We can drop hikers off or pick them up anywhere there is reasonable vehicle access. Consider using existing transport services to main towns and resorts for cheaper options.


Emergency resupply options will be available throughout the season for any lost or damaged gear replacements. Emergency supplies can be delivered via vehicle, helicopter or drones (under 5kg) direct to hikers, caching or existing food drop points.


We offer a wide range of satellite and emergency communication devices you can hire for your trek which includes PLBs, trackers, SMS satellite messengers and more. See more below. We also supply commercial trek from form Radix, Strive and Backcountry plus fuel options from Jetboil and MSR.

Larapint Trail topographic map contours


Australian Alps Trek Support Resupply

We will service a number of resupply (food, water, etc) points across the Victorian High Country, namely to support the AAWT and McMillans Track, but many other shorter multi-day treks in the Australian Alps National Park.

All resupply points are also transfer points (drop off/pick up).

We are only servicing the Victorian part of the AAWT in 2023/2024


Australian Alps Trek Support pricing


Food drops will go out on certain days during the week.

If you can get your drops done at the same time as other hikers, it will be cheaper. Contact us to discuss how.


Australian Alps Walking Track


Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT)

RESUP POINT 1: Mt Victor

Mt Victor on Matlock-Aberfeldy Road 

 $550 - 1 - 2 x 60lt containers

 $650 - 3 or 4 x 60lt containers


Specific locations to be provided

 $450 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $550 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

RESUP POINT 3: Mt Hotham #

Field cache options available

 $450 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $550 - 3-4 x 60lt containers


Bogong High Plains Rd

 $450 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $550 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

RESUP POINT 5: Sunnyside

Specific locations to be provided

 $550 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $650 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

McMillans Walking Track


McMillans Walking Track (MMWT)


Specific locations to be provided

 $550 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $650 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

RESUP POINT 2: Glencairn

Along Glencairn Road close to Rumpffs Flat

 $650 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $750 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

RESUP POINT 4: Tamboritha

Vicinity Mt Tamboritha - Dingo Hill Track

 $650 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $750 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

RESUP POINT 4: Eaglevale

Vicinity Eaglevale Campsite - Wonnongatta River

 $750 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $850 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

RESUP POINT 5: Lankey Plain Hut

Vicinity Dargo High Plains Road and  King Spur Track

 $750 - 1-2 x 60lt containers

 $850 - 3-4 x 60lt containers

If you have other resupply point locations in mind, let us know

We can do food and water drops in other locations to suit your specific trek, including remote locations like Rumpff Saddle, King Billy 1 or 2 and locations near Mt Speculation, Mt Selwyn, Mt Sunday and other eastern area of Cobberas etc


Resupply Cost Includes

  1. 60lt Container Hire & Use (Note we do have 80lt options as well)

  2. Field Placement of Container to resupply point

  3. Gear Retrieval & Rubbish Removal

  4. 2x XL 5kg Pre-Paid Parcel Post Satchels (510 x 440mm) per container ( for pre-trek packing)

  5. Local Shopping List Run. You pay for the items, we buy it and pack it for you.

  6. We will also sell fuel (Jetboil, MSR, Shellite, Metho etc) you can order and buy and we'll pack it locally.


AATS Food Drop Containers

60lt Robust Container

Tough 60lt container that will protect your resupply contents from heavy rain, sleet, wind, snow and wildlife. Containers are clearly marked with hiker surname and drop number

Dimensions: 80.1 W x 38.3 D x 32.5 H cm

Rubbish removal

All resupply food drops include rubbish removal, including used/left over fuel cannisters, liquid fuel etc

Field Cached

All remote area resupply drops will be cached out bush close to trail intersections on the road.  They will be carefully hidden and camouflaged.

Gear Retrieval

Gear retrieval is included at no extra cost, but you pay for the postage and handling of any items that need to be posted back to you, or collect it from us at Mansfield.


Each remote bush resupply point will have 5x22lt jerries of water left there for an emergency but hikers are NOT to rely on these as we can't monitor or control their use when customers use them.

Zip Tied Containers

All containers are zip tied locked

Australian Alps Trek Support containers
Australian Alps Trek Support containers

Images provide some context of the size and depth of the 60lt container we will be using for the resupply caches. Inside the container is a 10lt spring water box. The fuel is a 227g MSR canister. Note: We do have 80lt container options as we

Australian Alps Walking Track
Larapint Trail topographic map contours


Australian Alps Trek Support Transfers

We will offer transfers across the Victorian High Country and Australian Alps National Park to and from townships, settlements, remote access points and remote campsites.
At a minimum, we will service locations linked to the
Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) and McMillans Walking Track (MMWT). If you have a specific location in mind, we're all ears, send us an email.


Mount Skene Food Drop Area


The price is for 1 passenger.

Add $30 for any extra person. Max 4

All transfers EX Mansfield

Locations listed below are the main transfer points but we can transfer at locations not listed between these points. Always consider using public transport, tour operators or existing conventional bus services to get to these locations from main townships, it's cheaper unless you need to access the tricky remote areas or food drop points or an emergency pick up.

Costs can be split up between different hikers if they book the transfers the same day

from general pick up points. 

In August we'll have a calendar with seat availability so you can check out which

dates can be booked to split up costs. If you're not sure, get in touch.



Ex Mansfield

Bluff Hutt-Lovicks Hutt from   $1,100

King Billy 1 or 2  from $1,300

Nobs Track vicinity Mt Mac from $1,200

High Cone from  $1,200

Vicinity Mt Specualtion  from  $1,300

Mt Selwyn  from $1,100

Vicinity Mt Sunday  from $1,200


Ex Mansfield E

Mt Hotham  from  $550

Dargo   from  $1,110

Dinner Plain  from  $650

Cobungra   from  $650

Omeo  from  $700

Benambra   from  $750

Nariel Valley   from  $850


Ex Mansfield SE

Howqua Hills Historical Area  $450

Jamieson from  $250

Woods Point  from $350

Vic Mt Skene or Mt Viktor from $580

Licola from $650

Bryces Plain  from  $820

Howitt Plains Campground  from $950


Ex Mansfield NE

Mt Beauty from   $450

Bogong High Plains  from $550

Falls Creek from $550

Buckley Plain from  $580

Sunnyside  from  $650

Mitta Mitta  from $750

Dartmouth  from $850



All AATS/LTTS vehicles are equipped for advanced and specialised remote area work and are able to sustain our operations independently for a minimum of 7 days out-field and up to 20 days without resupply for each vehicle and crew.

Our vehicles also act as a mobile support capability in remote locations that support our customers, Parks Victoria, Emergency Services and other hikers with emergencies to receive support or assistance in the immediate area.

Every vehicle is equipped with the minimum:

Advanced 4WD set up
Equipped for remote area transfers and work in rugged terrain,
plus 1000km of fuel on board

Satellite Communications and Internet
Satphones, trackers, sat-messaging, Starlink etc

Remote Area and Trauma Medical Kits
Medkits supplied by TacMed

Sustainability Kit
80lt of water, 8 days food, power-stations, batteries etc

Signalling Packs
Mini & Para Flares, Smoke, Stobes, 250db Siren, Lasers etc

Emergency Hiker Resupply Support
Spare medical, food, water, gear repair, power, batteries and hugs :)


A high-altitude AATS hiker support base for hiker resupply, rest/recovery, medical support, power supplies, high-speed internet and fresh food and cooked meals! Of course, any AAWT or MMWT hiker who comes across our vehicles or camps is welcome to grab a feed or top us some supplies.



The shaded area is the AATS service area 

Larapint Trail topographic map contours


We offer a wide range of commercial trek food, stove fuel and other items you can buy from our store online and have the items placed in your food drop containers.

 This can save you the hassle of buying the same items and posting it to us. All AATS customers have 20% off retail when buying from our store.


Jetboil -Larapinta Trail
MSR Fuel - Larapinta Trail


We offer a range of communication and tracking devices you can hire for your trek, including PLBs, trackers, satellite phones, Satellite SMS and combo devices.

 Book comms options online, and we will post the device to you. We set up and register your devices specifically for your trek.


Garmin InReach Mini
Garmin InReach Explorer Plus
  • Who is AATS?
    Australian Alps Trek Support ( AATS) is a newly formed serviced established in November 2022 to support independent hikers in the Australian Alps of Victoria. AATS is a team of highly experienced professionals specialising in remote area trek support logistics, search and rescue, drone operations and training, all focused on the hiking and trekking. AATS is primarily focused on supporting hikers completing the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) but will offer its services for a wide range of other overnight, multi-day and extended day walks in the Victorian High Country. AATS is an extension of Larapinta Trail Trek Support ( LTTS), which services the world renowned Larapinta Trail in the NT. LTTS was formed in 2016 and is the no 1 provided of trek support services on the Larapinta Trail.
  • Does AATS service the Australian Alps Walking Track?
    Yes. But at this stage we are only supporting the Victorian section of AAWT. We plan to open up services for the NSW and ACT in the 2024-2025 season onwards.
  • How do I book my food drops for the AATS?
    Use the form on this website to submit an enquiry.
  • I want to book food drops not shown on your list. Can I do that?
    Get in touch and let us know what locations you have in mind and we'll let you know whether we can do it.
  • I want to book transfers to locations not shown on your list. Can I do that?
    Get in touch and let us know what you have mind and we'll see what we can do.
  • How do I get my food and stuff to you for the food drop?
    Once you have made a booking, we will post you 2x XL (5kg) pre-paid satchels per container. You pack these satchels and post them back to us. They will then be placed into each resupply container as is. Note that each satchel is clearly marked with your name, relevant dates* and the location, so it will be very clear which satchel you need to pack for each drop. We can also do a local supermarket run in Mansfield if you want to buy water or other bulky items to put in your container.
  • FAQs: How do you get my gear retrieval stuff back to me once I've finished my hike?
    You can either pick it up at our Mansfield depot or we will post it back to you. No charge either way.
  • FAQs: What are some cheaper ways to get my food drops done?
    Food drops can be cheaper if a bunch of them are being done at the same time, even if the hikers are unknown to each other. We have pre-scheduled dates when resupply containers go out for placement in the field. If we have multiple resupplies being booked for these dates, the cost can be 30% cheaper for everyone who booked on for that day. If you're not sure, give us a call.
  • When do you need my food for the food drops?
    You need to get your food parcels back to us at least 3 weeks before your trek starts. This is non-negotiable. We need to make sure your food is received, packed and placed at least 10 days before you start your trek to make sure all loose ends are tied off; container placement is confirmed; and you received all the drop location info ( GPS, map, photo etc).
Larapint Trail topographic map contours



0438 17 17 02

AATS Field Team SMS Only

Use country prefix +61.438171702 if messaging from satcoms/messengers

Do not expect immedate reply. 


08 8953 0666

This office phone is not manned all the time.

Email is best. 


info (at)


General Enquiry Form

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